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In this day and age, with the popularisation of Spotify, iTunes and similar music streaming platforms, many people throwing parties in the Borehamwood area decide to “do it themselves”; the DJ’ing, that is. But mobile discos, like our own, can bring a lot to the table that makes investment in the professional solution well worth it. On this page, we’ve looked to run through these different bonuses.

If you’ve already decided that our mobile disco packages, available not just to the Borehamwood area but also Essex and North London, are the right fit for you – give us a call on 01708 500976. The same goes for if you’re unsure and have a question, or wish to discuss any of the information detailed elsewhere on this website. Without further ado…

3 Reasons to Get a Professional DJ for Your Event


Firstly, a practical consideration. Very few people in the Borehamwood area have to hand the type of equipment you need to run a smooth and successful mobile disco: decks, a mixer, quality speakers that sound good and will fill the room (and not lose fidelity in doing so), lights… the list goes on. If you do decide to go it alone, you’ll need to research the type of equipment to hire, hire it, then avoid damaging it (which would usually incur expensive damages payments). Getting in our mobile disc providers means you avoid all this stress and effort.


DJ’ing may look easy, but you need to have a wealth of musical knowledge and be able to please a large room of people, each with their individual tastes. Knowing how to “read a room” and keep people on the dance floor, having a great time, is the real art –and-science of DJ’ing. A bad DJ can ruin an event, as can an underprepared one. With so many years of experience providing mobile discos in Borehamwood, we know how to please everyone from young hip-hop fans, to aging mods and rockers, and even Great Gran over there in the corner. Mashups, blends and perfectly timed transitions; all in a day’s work. And yes… we do take requests! The more the merrier.


A quality mobile disco DJ also knows how to host an event. They make room for speeches, announcements, improvised moments of drunken karaoke, poetry readings – whatever you envision occurring during your event. This is how we provide shape and structure to an event, ensuring it keeps moving and everyone gets what they want out of it. We’ve even had to, from time to time, think on our feet to rescue Borehamwood discos that have experienced unexpected curve balls, like the bride falling over mid boogie!

Convinced that our mobile disco experts can help you create a lively, memorable party in Borehamwood? We are to! Call Unforgettable Discos on 01708 500 976.